Grow your portfolio
With less risk

Three billion people lack the credit history lenders require to make a loan. This creates a massive missed opportunity. But how do you know who will repay?
With EFL’s digital credit assessment, you can quickly select the best people to say yes to, where other lenders are forced to say no.

The proven leader in alternative credit scoring

We have 10 years of experience applying psychometrics and behavioral science to loan repayment. That means we know how personality drives credit risk, across cultures and segments. And we apply this knowledge to effectively score anyone, anywhere, at any time. Over 35 lenders across 15 countries trust EFL to safely grow their lending portfolios. With more than $1.5 billion lent across hundreds of thousands of loans, EFL will empower you to grow without the risk.


Reduce Risk

Assess and manage individual default risk. Incorporating character and willingness to pay means building better quality, more profitable portfolios.


Increase Lending

By enhancing your understanding of consumer and small business risk, you can safely grow your customer base. Fortify your competitive advantage by utilizing predictive information other lenders lack.


Boost Efficiency

Integrate EFL into your existing credit and scoring processes. By automating and streamlining the loan decision-making process, you’ll save time and money.

Our Reputation is Built on Results

EFL works for some of the world’s most respected lending and credit institutions.

Global Reach, Local Understanding

EFL is already working across four continents and 15 countries.

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