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"... A completely revolutionary approach ... which can enable banks to enhance traditional scorecard building techniques to become even more predictive." - Current EFL Partner


26 countries, 28 languages, +75,000 Credit Applications and counting.
The Entrepreneurial Finance Lab

Read more about the challenge of identifying entrepreneurs, particularly in emerging markets.


EFL allows lenders, investors, and capacity builders to better target high-potential low-risk business owners.
The Entrepreneurial Finance Lab

The EFL Tools provide powerful results: reduce default and dramatically expand lending while controlling risk. 


The EFL Grade is used to identify an applicant's credit risk profile.
The Entrepreneurial Finance Lab

"I felt like someone was recognizing me. I felt like it was me to prove who I am and what I can do."  - Entrepreneur Pius Nganga on taking the EFL Credit Application

Entrepreneur in Africa completing his EFL Application.
The Entrepreneurial Finance Lab

Watch CEOs and researchers discuss how EFL’s Tools are revolutionizing SME finance.


EFL Co-founder and Harvard Professor Asim Khwaja on unleashing entrepreneurship in the "Missing Middle."


The Challenge
How do investors, lenders and companies select the right entrepreneurs from a crowded field?

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The Tools
Computer based questions relating to character, abilities and attitude to identify high potential, low risk entrepreneurs.

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EFL Results
EFL's score allows lenders to control risk, gives investors higher returns and helps trainers make a greater impact.

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26 countries
28 languages
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