Sebastian Carlsson joins EFL to lead Latam business development

Sebastian Carlsson with a big fish

Sebastian catches a big fish

The EFL team is growing around the world. Please welcome Sebastian Carlsson, our new Regional Director of Business Development in Latam. Sebastian joins us from Santander where he spent 10 years and was even a partner of EFL’s. He will be based in Mexico City and will spend lots of time traveling across Latin America.

I sat down with Sebastian to learn about his journey to EFL, his hopes and dreams, as well as his fears and quirks. Enjoy!

What was your path to EFL?

Before Joining EFL I worked for Santander for 10 years. I had many different positions in many different areas and passed through Spain, UK, Brazil and Germany before joining EFL in Mexico.

How did you first learn about EFL?

I first got in touch with EFL when I was working in Global Strategy at the Santander HQ in Madrid. There I was involved in a project concerning financial inclusion for students and supported a pilot with EFL in Mexico to measure student credit card risk.

Why did you join EFL?

I wanted to join a smaller company and had seen the strength of EFL’s model from the side of the customer. I am passionate about sales and truly believe in the financial inclusion mission of our work. I had also gotten a small taste of EFL’s friendly and meritocratic corporate culture. And I love Latin America!

What excites you most about EFL’s potential and opportunity?

I think I have joined EFL at the perfect moment since the market for alternative scoring is just consolidating. What a couple of years ago only interested the most experimental CRO’s is now becoming a must-have for retail bankers. This opportunity to be part of a boom is indeed a source of excitement. Beyond that, I truly believe in our methodology and the social impact of our work – empowering the base of the socioeconomic pyramid to access credit and realize their dreams.

What keeps you up at night as you are getting started at EFL?

Sometimes I can’t sleep because of my excitement before high stakes meetings with partner decision makers. Also the general excitement of playing an active part in promoting financial inclusion in Latin America keeps me up and keeps me going.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I once made it to the final in a local tennis club tournament. I unfortunately lost 2-0 to the opponent who turned out to be ranked 5th in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP)!

Where do you see EFL in 5-10 years?

I am convinced EFL will grow massively with our psychometric and behavioral science credit models over the next couple of years. Three billion people are still to be included in the financial system and we are one of the few players that can help banks and other institutions to grasp this opportunity. I also see our product portfolio growing to be able to serve a wider range of customers. So, to answer the question, in 5 years I think EFL will be at least 10 times as big as today with a consolidated footprint in twice as many markets as today. Onwards!