Rigorous, cutting-edge research is part of EFL's DNA

Ever since EFL’s inception in 2006 as a research initiative at the Harvard Center for International Development, we have been committed to advancing research in the fields of behavioral science, psychology, usability and interface design, machine learning, and financial inclusion.

Today, EFL actively collaborates with academic experts whose research can be advanced by the use of EFL data and whose insights EFL can leverage to further develop our product and predictive credit models. EFL values these relationships as an essential avenue to deepening its impact in advancing access to finance in the markets we serve.

Current Research Partnerships

Peter Belmi photo

Peter Belmi

Assistant Professor
University of Virginia Darden School of Business

Peter Belmi is an Assistant Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia. He received his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. He is interested in the causes and consequences of inequality, why it tends to persist, and how it impedes members of disadvantaged groups from achieving success.

Peter is actively engaged with EFL to uncover the psycho-social elements of subjective socio-economic status and its impacts on confidence (and overconfidence).

Hal Hershfield photo

Hal Hershfield

Assistant Professor of Marketing
UCLA Anderson School of Management

Psychologist Hal Hershfield studies how thinking about time transforms the emotions and alters the judgments and decisions people make. While he was a Ph.D. student at Stanford University, his research concentrated on the psychology of long-term decision-making and how time affects people’s lives — specifically at a moment when Americans are living longer and saving less. One of his most well known discoveries suggests that when people are confronted with their “future selves” they experience an emotional sense of connection that can influence long-term financial and ethical decision-making.

Hal is currently engaged with EFL to understand how individuals in emerging markets think about and express time preferences. His team has been instrumental in helping EFL improve the way it elicits these financial preferences.

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