EFL Credit Scoring for MSMEs

Designed specifically for the challenges of developing markets

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    The EFL survey can be given on a tablet or PC without access to the internet; so lenders can administer at the branch or in the field.

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    EFL offers seamless integration and real-time loan decision making for financial institutions that prioritize turnaround time.

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    EFL offers an on-demand view of applicant risk as well as a rich set of applicant profile information.


  • Score Integration

    Our partners access the psychometric credit score in whatever way they prefer: through a secure web portal, API or Automated Data Transfer.

  • Universally Accessible

    The survey software is optimized for mobile-delivery, tablets or PCs and does not require an internet connection, enabling it to be administered in the office or in the field.

  • Easy to Use

    The application is engaging and simple. Because the assessment is available through oral versions or audio recordings, the instructions and interface can be used by any applicant, regardless of barriers such as language, technology or literacy.

  • Analytics

  • Self-learning

    Driven by a massive global database, our system constantly incorporates the latest data for the most customize and highest predictive output.

  • Intuitive Indicators

    The application is designed to be similar to the qualitative assessments sought by loan officers, gauging personal initiative, situational judgment, creativity and business acumen.

  • Gameproof

    The application uses many techniques to prevent fraud, including designing around right or wrong answers, content randomization, partner staff tracking, timers, and automated flagging.

  • Flexibility

  • Culturally Adaptable

    Our product has already been used across 27 countries. It’s designed to adapt to any culture and can reveal insights across all business segments and types of borrowers.

  • Product Applicability

    Because it assesses the willingness and ability to repay, our psychometric credit score helps better understand individual risk across multiple services - consumer lending, business lending, unsecured loans, credit cards and term loans.

  • Complementary

    EFL enhances a lender’s existing underwriting process by adding an additional metric of creditworthiness. As a result, some partners eventually choose to adjust their underwriting process to maximize efficiency and to remove less predictive existing components.

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