Patrick Tan joins EFL as Business Development Director for Asia and Africa

We are thrilled to welcome Patrick Tan to the EFL team. He is based in our new Singapore office and will be regional business development director for Asia and Africa. We asked Patrick a few questions to help you get to know him and see why we are so excited to have him.

What was your path to EFL?

I have a mix of banking, software sales and project management experience and most recently was with FICO before I joined EFL.

How did you first learn about EFL?

I knew EFL while at FICO and was really interested in how EFL was providing a unique way of scoring people.
Why did you join EFL?
The innovation in using psychometrics to score thin-file applicants attracted me as I see that as a real challenge in the financial sector through my previous work in banking.

What excites you most about EFL’s potential and opportunity?

Banks are lending to the same pool of ‘qualified’ applicants and at the same time challenged by fintech lenders who are approving the ‘rejects’ from the banks.  Banks need to find new revenue streams and one of the most direct ways to do that is to relook at their credit policies and incorporate innovations like EFL’s.

What keeps you up at night as you are getting started at EFL?

The rush to get the EFL message out in the market!

Any fun facts we should know about?

I did a photography exhibition showcasing my series of photographs taken in the largest archaeological excavation in Singapore.  It was a very unique experience photographing the work and the archaeologists.

Where do you see EFL in 5-10 years time?

EFL will cement its position as the pioneer in psychometric and behavioral science scoring, become the de facto go-to score when people think of alternative credit scoring.