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“I joined EFL because I wanted to work at a company that has a mission to make the world a better place. It’s extremely satisfying to know my efforts each day directly contribute to creating economic opportunities.  Recently, I traveled down to Peru where I got to see first-hand someone using my android application to apply for a loan.  He was able to leave that same day with an approval letter!

I am continually challenged by the intellectual nature of our projects as we tackle big problems, and I love being surrounding by our team – they’re a high performing, considerate group of people who impress me everyday. I’m excited by the endless opportunities for learning and growth. Not only are there opportunities to travel, but with an international team, we’re exposed daily to other cultures and points of view.”

-Andrea, Director of Global Delivery Team (Boston)





“Having worked in the microfinance sector for over four years, I was familiar with the information asymmetry challenges that prevent low income enterprises and individuals from accessing affordable credit. When I first came across EFL’s work, I was amazed by the company’s unique approach towards enabling access to credit.

I continue to be impressed by the team’s intellectual rigor and commitment to the mission, and I thoroughly enjoy working with a smart, thoughtful, collaborative and fun team in a cross-cultural environment.  My role as Partner Success Manager is empowering and each day is very different! I am often exposed to newer things and am pushed out of my comfort zone. My days are usually packed with calls with colleagues located in different parts of the world, meetings with the middle and senior management of our partners and prospects, and testing the application in remote hinterlands of rural India.

Of course, the annual EFL Retreat where the entire team spends time working and having fun together in Peru is another huge draw!

– Anindita, Partner Success Manager (India)




“Working at EFL is a game-changer for me. At EFL I work for something that really matters with an amazing team of warm-hearted, driven, and extremely smart people who believe in what we do. On top of that, every day is different and exciting. I could be on a call with colleagues located in 3 different continents in the morning, meeting with top executives from a financial institution for lunch, and analyzing a client’s results in the afternoon. The travel is a bonus – going to the field in rural Central America and meeting the entrepreneurs who will have access to finance for the first time in their lives is priceless. I’ll never forget my first trip to Guatemala; seeing the face of a loan applicant while he was waiting for his credit decision to arrive made me realize how important it is for many people to receive a loan, even if it’s a small amount.”

-Santiago, Account Manager (Mexico City)

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