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We’d like to share the good news! Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL) has received recognition from two premier  financial innovation conferences and launched a global partnership with one of the world’s leading credit card companies! Thank you for your continued support as we expand across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  

EFL and MasterCard Launch Global Partnership

EFL and MasterCard announced a global partnership at the SIBOS conference in Dubai. This partnership will leverage MasterCard’s extensive network and existing relationships with financial institutions to scale EFL’s credit scoring technology to new markets and new partner banks. EFL and MasterCard will kick off the partnership with Banco BHD, where EFL’s technology will be used to expand credit underwriting for thousands of small businesses and new entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic.

EFL’s DJ DiDonna with Ed Glassman, Group Executive of Global Commercial Products and Solutions, and Ann Cairns,Head of International Markets Click HERE for coverage from the Wall Street Journal
Click HERE for a podcast from

EFL Wins Top Prize at Credit Scoring and Credit Conference in Edinburgh

EFL was awarded the Paragon Award for Best Paper at the Credit Scoring and Credit Control Conference XII at the University of Edinburgh. The conference brings together 400 academics and practitioners from 40 countries, and is widely regarded to be the world’s premier conference on credit innovation. The Paragon Award has traditionally gone to major credit scoring firms focusing on developed markets. Paragon awards at the previous two conferences, for example, went  to FICO Labs. EFL’s reception of the award this year demonstrates not only EFL’s industry leading credit modeling abilities, but also the growing importance and opportunity of credit innovation in emerging markets. 

EFL’s CEO Bailey Klinger receiving the Paragon Award in Edinburgh

Top FinTech Company Competition in Dubai

EFL was named a regional winner and global finalist at theInnotribe FinTech Innovator Competition in Dubai! Part of the annual SIBOS conference, Innotribe brings together financial technology innovators from across the globe. After winning the regional competition in New York, EFL came to Dubai to present our psychometric credit scoring to industry leaders from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. EFL was widely recognized for our innovations in SME finance and was dubbed by SIBOS to be one of the top 25 FinTech companies in the world. Check out the full story HERE.  

EFL in Action

The Multilateral Investment Fund (FOMIN), a member of the Inter-American Development Bank Group, produced this video endorsing EFL’s psychometric credit scoring technology. The video follows a credit officer from EFL’s partner bank in Haiti,Sogesol, as he administers the EFL assessment who needs working capital to increase his inventory. 

“One of the biggest challenges that banks face when analyzing small businesses is their lack of information,” FOMIN project team leader Francisco Rojo says, “The psychometric credit scoring tool provides another way to asses this risk, by analyzing the personality, character, and ability of the entrepreneur, instead of using hard data.”

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