We’re on a mission to unlock the economic potential of emerging markets by expanding access to finance. Since 2010, we have processed over $1 Billion in credit decisions in over 20 emerging market countries, and we’re just getting started. We’re looking for super smart, entrepreneurial thinkers to help us achieve our mission.
Why EFL? Here’s what our team finds the most compelling.
“I feel like the work that I do at EFL is making a significant, lasting, positive impact on the world.”
We’re a tech company with an outsized social impact, and your work will have a tangible effect on people around the globe.
Entrepreneurial Environment
“EFL is completely shaped by you.”
We hire entrepreneurs. EFL is not just your employer, it’s your company. This is your opportunity to be autonomous, create, to self-start, to write the guidebook instead of following one.

Who You Work With
“Everyone is highly professional and committed to their work in a very warm and friendly environment. Those two characteristics are really hard to find together.”
Our team members consistently say that their colleagues are one of the best aspects of working at EFL. Crazy smart, friendly, and open to ideas are frequent descriptions.
Challenging Projects
“I’m not just an employee completing tasks that are given to me; I can see what the end goal is, and my role in achieving it.”
EFL is pushing innovation at the forefront of technology, analytics, and inclusive finance in emerging markets. You’ll learn, grow, and be challenged. There are no cogs in the wheel here – everybody’s work matters and impacts our success.

Accessible Leadership
“They regularly share strategic goals and make themselves available for conversation.”
You’ll collaborate across all levels of the organization, often including with our Executive team, who will get to know you and care about how you’re doing. If you’ve got ideas, questions, concerns, or opinions, they want to hear about them.
“Making sure it’s not all work and no play.”
We get that you have a life outside of work, and we care more about results than face time. Want to go to the gym after taking early calls? Go for it. Time off is generous and flexible. And we offer a paid sabbatical of up to 8 weeks so you can recharge and maybe check something off your bucket list.